Levinson Communications International is an established Public Relations agency based in Morton Grove, Illinois, just north of Chicago. Founded in 1971 by Roslyn Levinson, the agency has been owned and operated by David Lewis since 1996. We concentrate on developing PR programs for clients to help them expand recognition of their products, services and reputation on a local or national scale. LCI has over five decades of experience representing a wide variety of clients. This gives our agency an edge over other PR agencies and in-house PR departments. LCI knows the needs and requirements of the media and has developed long-term personal contacts with all levels of media professionals.

Throughout its long history, LCI has received important recognition and several industry awards including three Golden Trumpets from the Publicity Club of Chicago and First Prize for “Best Public Relations Campaign” from the Suburban Press Club of Chicago. As public relations counselors our mission is to ethically and effectively increase our client’s name recognition, enhance its reputation, expand its customer base, and ultimately, increase its profits.

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